Which Neurotoxin is Right For Me?

Claudette Corey, NP-C Claudette Corey, NP-C | February 22, 2021 | Style & Beauty, Sponsored Post, Style & Beauty,


Did you know there are several neurotoxins (aka neuromodulators) on the market? At AYA Medical Spa, we carry three: Allergan’s Botox, Galderma’s Dysport and Evolus’ Jeuveau. Botox is often used as a household name similar to Kleenex, but is frequently employed as an umbrella term for all of the neurotoxins available. All the neurotoxins are made from the same active ingredient, botulinum type A; however, there are several nuances apart from manufacturer that make each one different and unique. All three help fight wrinkles and soften lines by limiting dynamic movement (movement with animation) and thereby decreasing the formation of static lines (lines present at rest). The main differences between the three “toxins” are formulation, weight, diffusion or spread of the toxin, dosage and onset.


The dosing of Botox is a 50- or 100-unit vial, Dysport comes in a 300-unit vial, and Jeuveau comes in a 100-unit vial. For this reason the cost is comparable across all toxins we carry at AYA because of how the units are calculated.

Depending on the aesthetic you are trying to achieve, we can recommend one of the neurotoxins that would be right for you taking into account the onset and spread. Do you have an event and need your toxin to kick in quickly? Are you looking for a natural softening, or do you want your skin smooth and tight? Each treatment is individually tailored to the patient to reach your goals.


Keeping this in mind, your dosing may not be the same as that of your friend, colleague, or mom or sister. Everyone’s muscle strength is different, and dosing is based on the strength of the muscle, not your age! This is why there’s no set age to start Botox. Some patients need larger doses at a young age if you are very animated or expressive, while others don’t have strong movement and may go longer before starting or longer between treatments. For all three neurotoxins, treatment is recommended seasonally or every three to four months.


Did you know all neurotoxins come as a powder and have to be reconstituted before use? Oftentimes patients are under the misconception that their Botox is “diluted,” but to be useable it must be mixed with bacteriostatic normal saline.

Come see us at AYA Medical Spa and let us use our expert opinions as nurse practitioners and physician assistants to help you choose which neurotoxin is right for you!

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