Ward off Winter Blues, Weight Bulge and Weathered Skin.

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The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can be draining on our overall health and wellness. We have a tendency to over indulge in the merriment of cocktails, delectable hors d'oeuvre treats and abundance of tantalizing sweets. Combined with the decreased hours of sunlight and plummeting outside temperatures, many may feel a touch of winter blues, weight bulge, and weathered skin.

Well, worry no more our dear weary friends; Glo Sun Spa has the means for you to combat the blues, bulge and barren skin.

Cocoon Slim Pod

Gives you all the the benefits of a sauna with out the oppressive heat. Your body lays in the pod while your head rests comfortably on a support outside. Your body is heated via infrared light. The end result is that your metabolic functions are increased. So you burn fat, eliminate toxins and improve your circulation.


Skin Wellness Pro

A spa capsule that infuses steam and liquid vitamins into the skin while reaching up to 118 degrees. Enjoy a vibratory massage while your body soaks in ultimate hydration and lets go of more than 600 calories in just 20 relaxing minutes! It even helps you achieve 25% better results from your UV or UV free spray tan.


Halo Therapy

The Halo Therapy Salt chamber is amazing for those suffering from seasonal allergies, a cold or asthma. It renders sinus relief naturally. A 15 minute session will clear your sinuses and provide upper respiratory detox allowing you to breathe better and sleep better. Even safe for children.


Poly light Therapy

We have two light therapies available. A Red light therapy session is 20 minutes, which assists to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
Red light stimulates cellular energy, which promotes collagen to firm, tighten and improve overall appearance in the treated area.
Blue light therapy works to kill the bacteria on the face and in the pores responsible for causing acne. The light reduces inflammation and that horrible red coloring that comes with acne by reducing the amount of bacteria. A session is 13 minutes.


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