Warby Parker Collaborates With Florist Shean Strong

Jordan Hill | November 11, 2020 |

To celebrate the launch of its new studio edition collection, Warby Parker tapped ATL florist Shean Strong to create an original work inspired by the collection.

shean strong warby parkerShean Strong pictured with his original creation inspired by the Caleb frames

This September, Warby Parker (@warbyparker) released its all-new Studio Edition, an assortment of eyeglasses and sunglasses specifically designed for the modern visionary. With five vintage-inspired silhouettes fashioned from mixed material, the collection continues Warby Parker’s tradition of marrying style with comfort. While the brand has a long-standing history of prioritizing individuality and quality, Studio Edition is an even deeper celebration of creativity and craftsmanship.

warby parker caleb woodgrain tortoiseThe Caleb in Woodgrain tortoise with polished silver as sunglasses

To celebrate the release, the esteemed eyewear brand tapped five creators and makers—each with their own unique medium—to create an original artistic representation of the collection’s five iconic frames. Among the chosen was Atlanta-based floral designer Shean Strong (@sheanstrong). Inspired by the soft, rectangular geometry of the Caleb frames, Strong created a lush structural arrangement using mostly anemones, hellebores and French tulips. “Immediately, the Woodgrain tortoise caught my attention,” says Strong, who incorporated coconuts to depict the frames’ color and texture. To complete the piece, Strong added blue hyacinth for a pop of Warby blue—a nod to the brand.

warby parker shean strong calebStrong chose lush blooms inspired by the frames’ soft angles.

The result: an arrangement as unique as the frames themselves. For Strong, the task came easily enough—for five years the floral designer has delighted Atlantans with his one-of-a-kind floral creations. “I’ve always focused on intentionally individualizing each design to be symbolic of the person or project that I’m working on,” says the small-business owner, who jumped at the chance to partner with Warby Parker on this particular project. “I was excited to work with a brand that emphasizes diversity and inclusivity, celebrating people and their individual creative talents (even within fields like floral design)!” We love to see it!

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Photography by: Warby Parker