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By Kelsie Allen Barton | September 28, 2017 | Articles

Stepping inside Kaitlynne and Justin Grice’s artful abode reveals an amalgam of styles, cultures and stories, much like the attractive couple themselves—she with her warm Southern disposition; he with his distinguished South African demeanor. Kaitlynne says it was Justin’s dreamy accent and gentlemanly manners that first drew her to her future husband, who moved to the States on a golf scholarship at Columbus State University, while she studied political science at Georgia Southwestern State University.

Their 2014 wedding changed Kaitlynne’s life in more ways than one. The Columbus, Ga., native enjoyed working with planner Julie Bunkley of Invision Events—so much so that she began planning weddings and events with Invision professionally. Fast-forward two years, and Kaitlynne’s passion for all things weddings triggered another venture: Grice Grove, an online boutique aimed at helping brides-to-be discover big day must-haves that feel personal, not basic.

“It started from my brides being frustrated with scrolling through Etsy and other sites to find special, nonkitschy gifts and getting-ready outfits,” says Kaitlynne. “I launched Grice Grove to be a superconvenient, customer serviced-oriented, one-stop shop for my brides, full of beautiful, useful, detail-oriented gifts made by small businesses and local artisans.” Think everything from luxurious pajama sets (“our best-selling product,” she says) and Holly Golightly-inspired sleep masks to confetti-adorned cosmetic cases and “bride tribe” candles.

Now, after settling into a new house with her beau and celebrating her shop’s first anniversary this past July, the 28-year-old has her sights set on expanding the brand beyond finding perfect gifts to curating a happy, well-decorated home. This fall, she’ll debut The Grove Lifestyle, an interior design arm led by Leslie Finley, whose résumé boasts 30 years of real estate and design experience.

The Grices have witnessed Finley’s talent firsthand, since she helped the pair bring their design dreams to fruition. “I planned Leslie’s daughter’s wedding, and we all became such close friends that when it came time for us to buy and design our home, Leslie was the first person I called after closing,” Kaitlynne shares. “We had such a great time working together that we decided to launch The Grove Lifestyle in order to service other millennials in their interior design journeys.”

Kaitlynne and Justin’s own design journey began with the hunt for a house filled with personality—and potential. “We searched for a good investment property that we could grow into,” says Kaitlynne. “I was also adamant that the home have curb appeal and be in a fun neighborhood.” They landed on their 1980s split-level ranch that was “more than a fixer-upper when we bought it,” she says with a laugh. With Finley to bounce ideas off of, the Grices poured their time and effort into transforming the home into a chic yet comfortable place to live. “It is cozy, welcoming and eclectic,” Kaitlynne says.

Throughout the nest are nods to both Kaitlynne’s Georgia roots and Justin’s South African upbringing, and their complementary tastes. The result is a delightful mix of trendy gold pineapples, blue-and-white porcelain ginger jars and furry pillows balanced by stately furniture and natural elements. “Justin is the traditionalist, and I love a touch of the unexpected,” Kaitlynne shares. Case in point: Her biggest decor crushes are the colorful Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines rug in the living room and vibrant leopard-print wallpaper in the powder room, while he favors the living room’s oversize gray chairs that accommodate his 6-foot-tall frame, as well as the wooden coffee table. “I picked our coffee table specifically because it reminded me of my mother-in-law’s coffee table in Justin’s childhood home in South Africa,” Kaitlynne reveals.

Although moving from their Midtown digs to Roswell was tough at first for Kaitlynne—a self-proclaimed “city girl”—she says she’s now fallen in love with their OTP lifestyle. “I love that our two crazy dogs have room to run around. I love Canton Street for restaurants, and I can’t stay away from Avalon for shopping!”

And, despite her hectic schedule planning weddings while simultaneously growing a business, Kaitlynne finds great joy in what she does. “My favorite thing is working with my people: my brides and grooms, my customers and my vendor partners,” she says, “but a close second is the hunt to discover special products. I am always on the lookout for thoughtful products that have a story.” @grice_grove

Kaitlynne’s Design Details Survey
Years lived in home One
Type 1985 split-level ranch
Overall aesthetic Eclectic, chic, Southern-meets-classic with African inspiration. Justin is the traditionalist, and I love a touch of the unexpected. Learning how to merge our two styles has been such a fun challenge.
Inspiration Leslie taught me to rely on my instincts for inspiration and then go to Pinterest and Instagram to supplement my inspiration. We designed the entire living room based around me falling head over heels for our gorgeous, brightly colored oversize rug. I am also incredibly inspired by landscapes and the use of bold but restrained color.
Favorite piece Our oversize chandelier in the living room, and our leopard wallpaper in the powder room. Justin let me go wild; I call it my “woman cave.”
Greatest challenge Prioritizing projects. This house was more than a fixer-upper when we bought it!
Go-to gathering spot Living room
Most unique feature Our fireplace is 25 feet tall. When we moved in, it was an eyesore. Leslie suggested painting it a dark, dark charcoal gray (Raccoon Fur by Benjamin Moore) to bring out the colors from the natural stone. I loved taking such a bold leap with color, and it turned out fabulous.
Hostess must-haves Linen cocktail napkins and our best-selling candles from Grice Grove, and silver serving pieces we received from Justin’s grandmother’s home
Proudest DIY Our front-door replacement project, and Justin’s work in our garden
Biggest splurge Our lighting (four chandeliers: It had to be done! It looked like a bad lighting store from the 1980s when we moved in)
Shop obsession Leslie and I are AmericasMart shopping professionals. We have tons of little showroom secrets! We are also HomeGoods addicts.
Best advice The key to decorating is to take your time, and to take it one room or space at a time. Buy pieces you love and that fit your lifestyle.


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