The Next Stage

Caroline Cox | June 4, 2014 | Articles

From the Broadway stage to the TV soundstage to the recording studio, Emily Kinney, 28, is always breaking new ground. The singer-songwriter and actress is best known for her dramatic portrayal of Beth Greene on AMC’s Atlanta-filmed hit series The Walking Dead. But with the spring re-release of her second EP of Regina Spektor-meets-Taylor Swift tracks, dubbed Expired Love, plus a new album in the works, she’s got a knack for keeping fans (including 315K Twitter followers) guessing—and admiring her myriad talents.

Growing up in Nebraska, Kinney fell in love with performing through church, county fairs and talent shows. After graduating from Nebraska Wesleyan University, she hightailed it to NYC to pursue acting, soon landing a coveted role in Spring Awakening on Broadway. “I performed eight times a week in front of thousands of people,” the doe-eyed beauty gushes. “Broadway made me a much better performer and opened the doors for other opportunities”—those opportunities being stints on Law & Order, The Good Wife and, eventually, a recurring role on The Walking Dead.

But while balancing a grueling TV show schedule and finding time to write and record songs (much less plan a tour) seems daunting, Kinney’s been able to blend her two worlds together with success—and even the support of her TWD cast mates. “I’ve had two shows at Eddie’s Attic; then I did an extra one just for the cast,” she explains. “They’re all so supportive, and it made me really happy to share my music with them.”

For her next album (“hopefully out by January,” Kinney estimates), expect indie-pop tracks with a slightly darker sound. As for new acting gigs, those are under wraps, “but I’ve got The Walking Dead to keep me busy,” she adds. We’re glad to know she’s not going anywhere, anytime soon. @emmykinney


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