SUP, Yogis?

By Jessica Cherner | June 27, 2017 | Articles

If there is something more relaxing than doing yoga on the Chattahoochee River with no other sounds in your ears than the water flowing beneath you and the birds singing above you, we’d like to know. When you sign up for a High Country SUP Yoga class, you’re making a few concessions (like the soft, forgiving yoga mat), but what you’re giving up (your blowout) is worth it for the experience. Reconnect with yourself and with nature as you engage in traditional yoga poses atop a sturdy paddleboard. According to instructor Caroline Sloan, whether you’re an expert yogi or pro paddler, you will still get the most bang for your buck when you make your way down to the river because no matter how impressive your Warrior II pose is, your core will definitely get a quality workout (it’s what keeps you balanced on the water). So slip into your fave swimsuit and breathe deeply because this is a workout that will make you love to sweat. $35 per class, @carolinesloanyoga


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