Something About Mary

Allison Mitchell | December 17, 2014 | Articles

Few singers have accomplished what Mary J. Blige has in her nearly three decades in the music industry. From taking home nine Grammy Awards (she’s the only artist ever to have won in the rap, R&B, gospel and pop categories and has been nominated a whopping 30 times) to having her album My Life dubbed as one of the greatest albums of all time by Rolling Stone, Time and Vibe, Ms. Blige is the stuff legends are made of. In what Billboard has called “objectively her best [album] since 2005’s The Breakthrough,” Blige is back and better than ever with her 13th studio album, The London Sessions (out Dec. 2). “You’re going to hear the best of Mary J. Blige; the best of her evolution,” she revealed at the JEZ offices last month. Working with fresh talent like breakout stars Sam Smith and Emeli Sandé, and producers Disclosure and Naughty Boy, Blige concurs that this is her best work in nearly 10 years. In fact, when asked if she agrees with Billboard’s critique, she sings her own praises with, “I really, really do.” The powerhouse calls Smith, a star in his own right, “so amazing to work with. He’s a beautiful person.” Plus, she wasted no time in putting this project together. “It was so amazing that the album was done in just three weeks,” she confesses. Amazing, indeed! While a tour has yet to be announced, fans can get an inside look at the making of the album via The London Sessions documentary, which chronicles her time in London. As for her love of A-Town? “My family is from Georgia; my mother and father are from Savannah actually. I love Atlanta, I’ve got friends here.” Friend us, MJB! @maryjblige


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