Smashing Pumpkins!

Kelsey Bjelland | October 31, 2013 | Articles National

King + Duke’s newest dessert packed with pumpkin goodness rules!

Ah, November—the glorious month when clean-eating plans and diligent gym-going fly out the window, giving way to the gluttony of the holidays. Ease into the season with a lightened-up take on a Thanksgiving VIP, As the Leaves Turn, available all this month. King + Duke Pastry Chef Chrysta Poulos’ medley of autumn flavors—pumpkin ganache, pumpkin cake, white-chocolate ice cream, cranberry-pecan granola and maple—tastes as sophisticated as it looks. Pair it with a sherry cobbler cocktail from the bar, and it’s a given you’ll need to pop in for drinks and dessert. $8, @kingandduke


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