SipCozy is Changing The Way We Booze with Hemp-Infused Vino

By Alejandra Arevalo | August 26, 2020 | Food & Drink

Indulge in the wellness benefits of CBD and the floral taste of rosé with this alcohol-removed, hemp-infused wine. 6K0A3319.JPG

What if you could enjoy your favorite wine without the morning hangover? Inspired by this question, and seeing there was nothing like that in the market, Alex Klempf came up with SipCozy (@‌sipcozy). This alcohol-removed, hemp-infused wine mixes the rich flavor of a grenache blend rosé with the alleviating benefits of CBD—no hangover guaranteed. “I had read multiple articles on CBD and it just sort of came to me one day that there was a need in the market for an adult beverage that removed the negative side effects of alcohol and combined the wellness benefits of cannabis,” founder and owner Klempf says. The alcohol is removed using a spinning cone technology and then the essences of California’s Paso Robles and Madera wine grapes are added back to the alcohol-free beverage. Pair it with your favorite seafood, pasta, chicken or salad to enhance SipCozy’s floral, citrus and herbal notes, Klempf recommends. Whether you enjoy it chilled by the pool with your friends or whipped up in a tasty frosé for yourself, Klempf promises this rosé “provides a gateway to a cozy state of mind for a blissful and relaxing experience.”


Photography by: Kelly MArtucci