Scare Lairs

Karina Timmel | October 3, 2012 | Articles

Ghoulish Grub
We’ll take a side of bacon with our freak-out, thank you. Legend has it that at popular breakfast-and-lunch chain J. Christopher’s Roswell Square location, set in a pre-Civil War building (a dead giveaway, sorry), two forbidden lovebirds—a Southern belle and Union soldier (girls just love a man in uniform)—now dance in the loft and, if you believe the tales, play tricks on the staff. “People have felt someone touch them, but no one was there,” says investigator Kevin Fike of Historic Ghost Watch and Investigation, who’s scoped out the venue. Roswell

Prankster Presence
Someone’s having a damn good time at D.B.A. Barbecue, that’s for sure. No, not you and your posse. Owner Matt Coggin is up to his ears in the unexplainable, witnessing another restaurant’s menu come off the printer, chairs falling off tables, lights flashing on and off, and items changing whereabouts with no heads-up. But, he jokes, “Since we’re still open after three years in a recession, I guess the spirits are friendly!” Virginia-Highland, @dbabarbecue

Phantom of the Fox
Giving a whole new meaning to “season ticket holder,” The Fox Theatre’s numero-uno patron of the arts likes to, uh, stay and play after hours. Many have reported seeing the face of a Confederate soldier peering through the windows and sashaying down the hallways—la dee da dee da—at this Atlanta landmark. Now that’s entertainment! Midtown,

Scary Staycation
It’s fright night at the Beverly Hills Inn. Many a ghost hunter—including Jeff Dauler of Q100’s The Bert Show—have parked it overnight on the 83-year-old hotel’s third floor. Why? Because before this waylay became a quaint bed-and-breakfast in the early ’80s, it was an apartment building for widows. Supposedly, three previous occupants are now camping out permanently and tucking guests in at night. Buckhead

Spooky Stairs
Brides-to-be, Rhodes Hall has your “something old” covered. Amos Giles Rhodes—its first owner—is said to hang out on the reception-hall stairway (look for the icy-cold pocket of air), welcoming the veiled to his humble abode. “We’ve picked up on something sitting by the gorgeous stained-glass window,” confirms Fike. Fittingly, the popular wedding venue once served as the site of a haunted castle every Halloween. Looks like it still is... Midtown


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