Rémy Martin's Sleek Limited Edition Bottle

Michael McCarthy | April 1, 2021 | Food & Drink

Rémy Martin pays homage to mixtape culture with its limited edition VSOP bottle design.

The limited VSOP bottle has been refreshed with gold detailing; its case is reminiscent of a classic cassette. PHOTO COURTESY OF RÉMY MARTIN
The limited VSOP bottle has been refreshed with gold detailing; its case is reminiscent of a classic cassette.

When I occasionally wax nostalgic to my children about the hours I used to spend creating mixtapes for friends or, more often, female classmates I wanted to charm through music, my offspring will look at me sideways. Then the verbal dagger: “Dad, why?” I offer the only truth I know—a truth I believe to this day: “Because, kids, it was cool. And because the best mixtapes were everything.” Blank stares ensue.

Nevertheless, the brilliant minds at the House of Rémy Martin have my back. We’re kindred spirits, as it were, about the idea of music transforming a moment—a road trip, house party or colossal night on the beach—and holding that moment in our collective minds for eternity. The legendary cognac producer recently released a limited-edition VSOP bottle inspired by an iconic design first seen in the 1980s and ’90s. A refreshed design with gold detailing salutes the mixtape culture as a way to rediscover the timelessness of a spirit.

“The Rémy Martin VSOP bottle has been an icon in music culture for generations, and we are thrilled to debut this refreshed limited-edition design,” says Tina Reejsinghani, vice president at Rémy Martin Americas. “Musical artists of the past have shaped and inspired the sounds we hear in music today, and that same timeless excellence is reflected in what we have celebrated with our cognacs throughout our own history.”

So, what to make of the deeper connection between the brand and musical artists? Never overlook the lyrics. “When The Notorious B.I.G. released his Life After Death album in 1997, ‘The World Is Filled...’ became an instant hit, and the lyric ‘When the Rémy’s in the system’ became a cultural reference that is still noted today,” says Reejsinghani. “We see the influence from this lyric stem across decades within music culture. For example, Jay-Z repurposed the same lyric in his own song ‘I Just Wanna Love U,’ released in 2000.”

The brand’s leaders also believe the souls of communities create cultural movements that pave the way for future innovation—much like Rémy Martin’s own ancient terroir in Cognac, France, represents a distinct place where craft and innovation flow. The brand recently teamed with Grammy nominee 6LACK to create Grounds Melody, a two-part video series that delves into a sense of place. In this case, the artistic scene in Los Angeles. “The people you gather on the land influence everything that’s created on it,” says 6LACK in the soaring production. “It’s a simple recipe—good people in a good place.” And, naturally, don’t forget the mixtape.

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