Modern Luxury's Inaugural EmpowHER Conference

Sarah Braswell | August 1, 2019 | Lifestyle Parties

Modern Luxury hosted its inaugural women’s conference, EmpowHER Conference, at the Avalon Hotel in Alpharetta. Featuring pop-up shops, guest speakers, a Kendra Scott rooftop party, and a chance to win a Porsche driving experience, this conference brought women together for an extraordinary two days. Who wouldn’t want to learn more about empowering yourself and then take cute Instagram pictures atop Avalon Hotel wearing a new piece of jewelry gifted by Kendra Scott?

This conference was spot-on when it came to topics empowering yourself to excel in everyday life. Other topics that the keynote speakers focused on were how to manage stress and how to grow your small business.

Every attendee was met with Modern Luxury magazines and giveaways at their seats.

With everyone putting their best foot forward on social media and #doingthemost, it can be easy to compare yourself and let the stress set in. Founder of The Fit Atlanta, Elizabeth Morrison, claims that these outside pressures to “keep up” (look at everyone literally trying to keep up with the Kardashians) can create more stress in our lives. She gave a noteworthy tip about minimizing this feeling, “If we eliminate the pressures we put on ourselves, we can eliminate a lot of the stress we experience.” Reminding women that we have the power to make positive changes in our lives, and sometimes it is okay to say “no”. The power of “no” is something that Ilana Alberico strongly believes in. The founding partner of Privea Collection, the ultimate holistic spa, emphasized the “why” behind things you’re doing, “Figure out what path you want to be on and learn to say “no” so that you’re not doing things that lead you on the wrong path”. Another key point Morrison followed up with is that if you have the right people in your life, they will understand your need to decline certain invitations. Morrison and Alberico are wellness gurus, so a large part of reducing their stress centers around eating foods to fuel you, getting plenty of sleep, and staying active. Preaching her holistic practices, Alberico also mentioned financial, social, and spiritual aspects of life are also important to keep in check.

Michelle Harrison Signature Events pop-up display.

Everywhere you look, your bestie or that random follower you have on Instagram are trying to grow their own small business. Que the message from your friend in high school, “Hey girl! I was looking at your page and was wondering…” (you know the rest). Liz Webber, Director of Public Relations for Dress Up, and Michelle Harrison, Michelle Harrison Signature Events, shared their secrets to success for making your business stand out against the competition. First off, know your client! Don’t just be surface level with them, know their demographics, preferences, budget, and gender. This information will not only help you build relationships with customers but also funnel your marketing budget towards things your target market will respond to. Speaking of marketing, Webber stated, “Create a mix of old-school and new-school marketing tactics to further relationships with customers while reaching new ones”. It’s always refreshing to meet the person behind the post and gives customers a face to remember and associate with your brand. Harrison also added, “Doing everything with authenticity and integrity will draw clients towards you, and owning your mistakes will earn you respect”. In a similar fashion, do your homework on possible influencers to ensure they are authentic and care about the products they are promoting. In a world where everything is portrayed with a filter (or two), being authentic will set you apart from others and boost your business.

Women listened and learned from each other.


Photography by: Kimberly Evans