Men of Style

| May 13, 2014 | Parties National

Modern Luxury celebrated its April issue of The Atlantan with its Men of Style and a fashionable soiree. The distinguished Style makers and guests were treated to a first glimpse of the latest trends in Men’s fashion at Hideoki Bespoke, a customized menswear studio.

The Players
200 of the city’s most Stylish movers and shakers, and the 2014 Men of Style: Hugh Acheson, Jack Sawyer, Kyle Moon, Jamail Larkins, Neil Guffey, DeMarco Morgan and Walter Denning.

The Highlights
Prestige Valet Services met each guest as they put their Stylish foot forward, and stepped into a lavish white tent in front of the studio, provided by Reece Tents. DJ Joel Rabe filled the outdoor air with beats as guests enjoyed the hors d'oeuvres, including fried green tomatoes and red velvet cupcakes, catered by Sun in My Belly. Guests perused the fashion while sipping on Bud Light Platinum and Grey Goose cocktails. Onli sparkling flavored water provided a colorful sampling bar, which also paired deliciously as mixers for the Grey Goose cocktails.The outdoor d├ęcor, provided by We Rent Atlanta, was decorated in floral arrangements designed by Holland Daze Weddings. Each guest received a take away of Onli’s Sparkling Espresso in an old fashioned bottle, as they departed well dressed for the evening!

Photography Credit: Orlando Suarez & Dylan York


Photography by: