Instagram It-Girl Liz Webber Talks Style and Her New Social Media Venture

By Jordan Hill | November 5, 2020 | Lifestyle Style & Beauty

Liz Webber is at the top of her ’gram game. Fresh off the launch of her social media agency, the Instagram “it” girl caught up with us to dish on everything from her favorite social media trends to the people who’ve #influenced her the most.


How did social media become your full-time job?

While working at a PR agency full time, I made the decision to take a stab at building my own personal platform. This included me beginning to reach out to brands, post outfit pics daily and truly start building a community. Like many others, I lost my job in March due to COVID-19. Instead of panicking, I decided to see that bump in the road as the big push I needed to go after my dream career of working for myself in social media full time!

What prompted you to start your own social media agency, Webber and Co.?

When I started blogging full time, I kept getting questions from the small businesses I was working with, like: ‘How can we do better on social? Why aren’t our followers engaged? What are some of your tips to grow?’ I spent so much time answering these questions that I decided to start a business, and Webber and Co. was born.


What social media trends are you loving right now?

Video! I love using Reels on Instagram. They are so successful right now because they are quick. Our attention spans are so short that this is becoming key on social. You also have the chance to go viral in ways that weren’t possible with your standard photo post.

What other social media influencers have inspired your journey?

My No. 1 inspiration is Anna Page. Anna and I used to work together and have remained super close. She has been blogging for a few years full time and is crushing it! She has such a clear vision for her brand and executes it flawlessly.


Photography by: Photos by Lizzie Patrick