Iconic Fashion Designer Norma Kamali Helps You Live Your Best Life Thanks to her New Beauty Line, Normalife

Phebe Wahl | September 26, 2019 | People


Known for her innovative designs like the sleeping bag coat, high-heeled sneakers and a dress fashioned from silk parachutes, fashion designer Norma Kamali has always empowered women to feel comfortable. In the 1980s, Kamali was the first to present an athleisure collection—and her dedication to supporting women’s comfort and self-esteem has remained unwavering for decades. Now, she is continuing her commitment to women’s wellness through her new beauty line, NormaLife. We polled the living legend for the latest.

When did you first become interested in wellness and beauty, and why?
In 1980, dear friends of mine were dying of AIDS. There was no cure, so I set out to understand and learn how to maintain a strong immune system through a
healthy lifestyle.

Why did you decide to launch the skincare line? NormaLife is based on the three pillars of a healthy lifestyle, which are sleep, diet and exercise. It is an inclusive and democratic concept, and the first category is skin because it best exemplifies the concept. NormaLife is for men and women of all ages, skin colors and
skin types.

I love that the brand is all about loving yourself. Why is this so important now more than ever? When you invite self-love into your life, others will follow suit. People treat you the way you treat yourself.


The NormaLife Skinline in Soft ($40), Clean ($30), Glow ($40) and Smooth ($50)

What are some ways you practice self-acceptance and love, and has this been a journey for you? Discipline in sleep, diet and exercise.

What are some of your favorite products in the collection and how do you like to use them? In the morning, I shower and wash with Clean by massaging the product all over my skin, then towel-dry and massage Soft generously on my whole body and face. At night, I use a damp washcloth and apply Soft to remove my eye makeup and clean my face. Then I use Smooth to exfoliate—I use this every other day. Then I finish
with Glow.

Where do you hope to take the NormaLife brand? Since the intention is inclusive and democratic, I believe this lifestyle is for everyone. After skin, I am moving into scent for calming, meditation and sleep. @‌normakamalife

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Photography by: Portraits by Michael Waring | product photo courtesy of the brand