High Roller

Nate Chapnick | September 27, 2013 | Articles

To help get you moving, we’ve rounded up the hottest new rides for 2013 and beyond. Whether you’re looking for a racy drop-top, a rugged off-roader or an eco-friendly fuel-sipper, these cars are sure to get you revved up in style. Put the pedal to the metal, people—it’s time for a little va-va-vroom!

Beamer addicts, rejoice! The BMW 4 Series is a fresh addition to BMW’s roster of road winners and boasts more space and luxury than its predecessor, the 2013 3 Series. While drivers gain an extra inch in length and almost 2 in width, the 4 Series has shed a whopping 55 pounds, thanks to high-grade lightweight aluminum. Inside, there’s more legroom love for passengers in back, while iDrive 4.2 introduces a new touchpad to its iDrive controller, allowing drivers to enter destinations by letter drawing via their finger. While doodling, two turbocharged engines, the 428i with 241 horsepower and the 435i with 300 horsepower, make cruising a blast and practically guiltless, with 34 mpg providing ample bang for your buck.

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