Here's the Skinny

Kelsey Bjelland | March 28, 2013 | Articles

Look and feel trimmer and toned at the gym decked out in CITYFITY, a new line of active shapewear and fitness apparel designed by ├╝berfit local Erika Unruh. A former Pilates instructor, Unruh often saw women coming to fitness classes in restricting shapewear that wasn’t designed for exercise. “I wanted them to get away from the need to layer to cover up their lumps and bumps, like wearing thick bike shorts under workout shorts or tying something around their waist—that’s a messy look,” explains Unruh. “My goal was to give women confidence by creating pieces that smooth from underneath.” Unruh started with breathable nylon power-mesh liners (meant to be worn under gym clothes), including the Tummy Tuck fitness bra, Tight Tushy short and Look-Like-A-Million Lunges capri. Soon, she ventured into apparel, as well—tanks, tees, capris, shorts and yoga pants—each with built-in shapewear. (Word to the wise: Size up to avoid the dreaded muffin top). With all your trouble areas firmly held in place, banging out a few more crunches or lunges won’t seem so bad… and you’ll look damn good. $35–$92, Atlanta Country Club, Natural Body Spa and Shop, Pilates Tutor Studio, @cityfity


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