Get to Know 'The Bachelor' Contestant Kit Keenan

Isabella Canelli | January 8, 2021 |

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In an unexpected media twist, Kit Clementine Keenan - the social media influencer, Montauk surfer and fashion royalty offspring - is a contestant on the Season 25 of "The Bachelor."

Yes, you read it right.

Although she's young (21 to be exact,) her ABC bio claims Keenan is "very ready for a serious commitment." Besides surfing and looking for love, Keenan enjoys a solid relationship with her mom, Cynthia Rowley, who draws a lot of inspiration from her daughter. Check out our interview with the two fashion mavens from a few summers ago, and follow Keenan's journey toward love each Monday at 8 p.m. ET, on ABC.

How do your daughters inspire your designs?

Cynthia: They’ve always had their own style. Kit wore a ‘happy birthday’ tiara for over a year, and Gigi went to her first day of kindergarten wearing a Barbie life jacket as a vest. As you can imagine, they’ve evolved into their own styles. The clothes they wear are always an inspiration to me, and it’s always exciting to see how they style their CR clothes.

Kit has styled some of your fashion week presentations and shot videos for collections. How else have the girls been involved or contributed to the brand?

Cynthia: Kit styled the resort collection, which we shot in my hometown in Illinois, so we love the idea of making it a family affair. We all have fun styling and shooting our @cynthiarowley and @kitkeenan Instagram pics all the time.

What advice did you share with Kit when she decided to launch her own label?

Cynthia: I was really in a bind, because as a mom, I wanted to help her every step along the way, but I knew it would be better for her in the long run if I showed a little tough love and had her figure it out for herself. She’s always been independent, and seeing her turn her dreams into a reality makes me so proud.

Gigi modeled for Kit’s new collection: Is she passionate about fashion as well?

Cynthia: Gigi’s the rock star—the only one in the family with any musical talent (we’ve all tried). She wails on the drums and guitar and is also a mad shredder.

Growing up so involved with your mom’s brand, what did you learn that you applied to your own?

Kit: My mom is a boss. I seriously do not think I have ever seen her relax or take a day off. Not even sure if she sleeps through the night. I try to apply her work ethic and determination to everything that I do.

Did you always want to be a designer at some point?

Kit: I did! When I was little, I used to go to my mom’s studio every day after school and make little projects like embroidered purses, drawstring bike shorts, and customized Converses—I guess I was pretty on-trend for a 10-year-old. At the end of middle school, I experimented with other media because I didn’t want to feel like I was living in my mom’s shadow. At this stage in my life, I have reconnected with my love for design and I’m comfortable with my privilege; I know that I have a full fashion handbook in my back pocket. Thanks, Mom!

What's the aesthetic for your collection?

Kit: My brand has no specific theme. With each drop, the vibe completely changes, working to embody the climate of youth culture at any given time. I want to explore different target audiences and make it cool to experiment with your own personal style.

How do you describe your personal style?

Gigi: I’m not really fashion-obsessed. In the summer, I live in a wetsuit, and for school, it’s leggings and a cool T-shirt.

What are some of your favorite pieces from Kit’s collection?

Gigi: Don’t I have to say they’re all my favorites? I’ll probably live in the new skull bunny hoodie all winter long.

What’s the best advice your mom or sister have shared with you?

Gigi: Girls rule, boys drool.

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