Fords: The Cocktail Gin & Spirit of the World

By: Brown-Forman (Atlanta) By: Brown-Forman (Atlanta) | November 17, 2022 | Food & Drink, Sponsored Post,


Fords Gin is found in the very best gin joints around the world, from iconic hotel bars to frequently visited neighborhood spots.


We celebrate the cocktails that turned gin into a universally known spirit and have been created worldwide. Fords Gin uses the finest botanicals from 10 different countries. Although our gin is crafted in London, we see it as a spirit of the world. As a truly global spirit, Fords Gin blends together hemispheres of taste. So wherever your bar may be, may your cocktail be toast-worthy.


Created with respect to the traditions that have historically defined gin making, the classic London Dry is keen for all your cocktail adventures.


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