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By The Editors | November 29, 2017 | Articles

ATL’s own Burn Studios’ second location is bowing in Buckhead, and boy is it one for the books. Think a 4,600-square-foot space with indoor-outdoor lounge areas, plus several showers for washing up post-workout. And the new place’s perks don’t stop there: “Our Buckhead space will allow for more classes outdoors, as well as a larger room for our kickboxing, yoga, sculpt and crossburn classes,” says owner Jeremy Levison. Sign us up! Single class $25, monthly membership from $99, @burn_studios

For ATL’s foodies looking to shape up their diet in 2018, let the pros at Flex Fuel Prep do all the planning for you while you sit back and, well, eat. “One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to weight loss is they try to train too much and eat too little,” says CEO Craig Daugherty. So expect chef-driven fare chock-full of all-natural ingredients; plus, each plate is perfectly balanced to include portions of protein, carbs, fats and fibers, so you’ll never be left with your stomach still growling (we’re looking at you, far-from-filling salads). Say “bye, Felicia” to boring bites from other dietcentric delivery systems, and hello to birthday cake protein pancakes, baked chicken parmesan, orange rosemary salmon and oh-so much more. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, check! Meal plans from $43, @flexfuelprep

See ya, kale, quinoa and acai—you’re so 2017. Here are a few superfoods to watch for in 2018, and, of course, where to try the trends in ATL.

Chaga Mushrooms
What they do: Believed to boost the immune system and antioxidant levels, this high-fiber mushie variety is the latest craze to make it into chocolates, coffees, broths and more.
Where to get them: Magic Mushroom superfood latte, Upbeet, @upbeet

What it does: A mood-enhancing antioxidant powerhouse, this powder’s now trending as a caffeine additive to help boost metabolism and burn more cals—as well as aid with concentration for those hard-to-get-through Mondays.
Where to get it: Matcha tea latte, Inman Perk Coffee, @inmanperkatl

What it does: This popular detoxifying, anti-inflammatory spice (which gives curry and mustard its yellow-orange hue) is rumored to prevent the development of cancer.
Where to get it: Carrot turmeric tonic, True Food Kitchen, @true_food_kitchen

Activated Charcoal
What it does: Charcoal has the ability to stick to toxins, so, when added to food, it cleanses your system and flushes any unwanted matter out of the body.
Where to get it: Black Magic organic juice, dtox, @dtoxjuice

Frustrated by an area of fat that seems resistant to diet and exercise? Enter lipo vet and alternatives-ace Thomas B. Lintner, MD, FACS, of Advanced Aesthetic Surgery, who sizes up fat-loss ops: liposuction versus noninvasive SculpSure and Kybella.

The Breakdown Reduces stubborn pockets of fat for a more toned silhouette; ideal for abdomen, flanks (muffin top), thighs, back and arms
Ideal Candidate Most anyone who wants to lose fat in a specific area is generally a good candidate.
Pros Can treat almost any area of body, very safe in properly trained hands (board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon), outpatient procedure, delivers incredible improvements in fat reduction.
Cost Contingent on number of areas treated: $3,000 to $10,000 (including anesthesia and facility fees)
Downtime Depends on the volume removed, but “generally no more than a week off work and a few weeks out of the gym are required,” says Lintner.
Expected Results Lipo can last for quite a long time, as the fat cells in that area are physically removed. That said, “you can gain weight after liposuction, but you’ll gain it more proportionately over your body,” Lintner adds. “Results are impressive and take six to eight weeks for best results; although, in my opinion, you can see results after surgery.”

The Breakdown “SculpSure works by rupturing the fat cell (lipolysis) and the body metabolizing the fat and fat cell,” says Lintner. “Kybella is an injectable that uses chemical lipolysis and works similarly to SculpSure, as the body metabolizes the ruptured fat cell and eliminates it.”
Ideal Candidate A high-risk candidate for surgery or one unable or unwilling to undergo surgery
Pros & Cons Upside is usually little to no downtime, and no general anesthesia. Moreover, SculpSure is FDA-approved for abdomen, flanks, and inner and outer thighs; has very little, if any, side effects; yields 20 percent reduction in fat in treated area. Kybella is a noninvasive treatment for chin-fat reduction and only requires two treatments and a long weekend to recover; but improvement is 25 percent that of surgery.
Cost SculpSure: $2,000 for two treatments of an area. Kybella: $1,200 for first treatment, $800 to $1,000 for subsequent treatments, depending on size of the area
Downtime SculpSure: None. Kybella: “Have procedure on a Thursday and get back to public on Tuesday,” says Lintner, “depending on bruising and if you tell your friends.”
Expected Results SculpSure is a 25-minute-long procedure that is not painful and lasts as long as it’s maintained. It takes two to three treatments (depending on patient), six weeks apart, and around three to four months to see results. For Kybella, preliminary results can be seen in two to four weeks, but optimal therapy is two treatments, six weeks apart.


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