Feelin' 20

By Allison Mitchell | November 3, 2016 | Articles

It’s hard to believe the first issue of JEZEBEL hit stands 20 years ago with a cover featuring original artwork by the late Atlanta artist Paul Chelko. Founded by Josh Goodhart and Adam Capes in 1996, JEZ debuted with the slogan “The charm of the South,” which has now evolved to “Atlanta as we see it.” Our current art director, Gregory Odendahl (who we’re convinced will outlast every employee!), came on board in June 1997; now-owners Lew and John Dickey joined Goodhart and Capes as partners in Jan. 2000; and longtime vice president and editorial director, Beth Weitzman, soon followed in April 2000, debuting beloved features like “100 Hottest Restaurants,” “50 Most Beautiful Atlantans” and “20 Most Eligible Atlantans.” Fast-forward to Oct. 2010 and the Dickey family purchased Modern Luxury, officially adding JEZEBEL to the portfolio. What a ride! We’ve had an incredible 20 years, thanks to you, our loyal readers, and have worked with celebs ranging from Britney Spears, BeyoncĂ© and Kim Kardashian to Hollywood heavyweights Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron and Johnny Depp. As for the meaning behind the name JEZEBEL, which remains our most-asked question, rumor has it that a good ole’ packet of South Georgia hot sauce served as the inspiration. How’s that for swag? Celebrate our big anniversary with us and this year’s 50 Most Beautiful Atlantans Nov. 10 at Havana Club. Cheers Atlanta! @jezebelmagazine


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