Fashion, Darling!

Allison Mitchell | March 6, 2014 | Articles

From rubbing elbows with President Barack Obama and Gov. Nathan Deal to attending exclusive fashion previews with Dior and Burberry, it’s no exaggeration to say Buckhead resident Christina Oh is living large... and in style. The 38- year-old mom of three is the brain (and beauty!) behind Christina’s Style, a fashion blog where she’s showing off some serious thread cred, dishing on beauty secrets and sharing style tips on the daily. “I like to dress up, even if I’m not going anywhere fancy. People would always tell me, ‘I like your style; I like your skirt; where did you get it?’” Oh recalls. “I feel like I can influence how people shop with my style. My love for beauty and fashion has always been a large part of my life.”

But before Oh was flying first-class to invite-only Dior shows in New York, she was working as a secretary at Seoul National University for the Brain Korea 21 project, which assists students in receiving their master’s and PhD degrees. Then in 2001, Oh left her homeland of Korea and headed to Seattle, where she began working as a commercial model after a local photographer discovered her. Finally, love came calling when Oh met her husband, who works in synthetic manufacturing, and headed to Atlanta. “I came to the United States when I was 27, so I have an accent and broken English. People sometimes look down on me because they feel I’m a foreigner. I want to overcome that through fashion,” she reveals.

She’s not only overcoming her assimilation into American culture, she’s making serious waves in the blogging world. Despite starting her site just a few months ago, Oh already has 10,000 followers combined across her social-media platforms and works directly with a former Vogue editor to make sure her content is top notch.

And that closet? Let’s just say it was simply swoonworthy to step inside all three of her wow wardrobes. While Oh typically stores all of her designer bags in protective dust cloths, she let us peek at her impressive collection of rare Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior and Valentino bags (her favorite designers!). “I like to collect things that are very unique or limited-edition. I even put myself on waiting lists to buy certain items. My collection began 13 years ago when I moved here, and some of the things I have are very hard to find,” she gushes. So we had to ask: Which items are her favorite? “Every piece has sentimental value. I would probably go with something really limited-edition like my Chanel shoes with a coral heel. For a bag, I’d probably pick a classic, like my patent black Lady Dior bag.”

As for her style, Oh is all about experimentation. She readily admits her wardrobe is girly and feminine with soft colors and florals galore, but she’s not afraid to try the latest trends either. “I love Burberry’s spring collection; it’s full of bright, happy colors and lots of embellishment,” she says. Burberry equally loves Oh—she’s currently in talks to head to Paris with the brand in September. Major!

So what’s next for this budding fashionista? “Eventually I’m going to do manufacturing and will create my own line. That’s my ultimate goal, to be a fashion entrepreneur. I have a dream,” she says, smiling. Somehow, we have no doubt she’ll get there. Until then, we’ll be dreaming of Prada, Stella McCartney and Jimmy Choo, just a few of this style maven’s closest “friends.” @christinasstyle


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