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| October 19, 2015 | Parties

Flesh met fluorescents in strange and wondrous ways at Living Art America's Fluoro Show, a convergence of artworks-on-people from internationally recognized masters of bodypainting. Highlighting the work of pioneering practitioner Wolf Reicherter, who calls his brand of ultraviolet body painting "BodyMagic," the event featured artists of special effects including master Yolanda Bartram and Five-Time Bodypainting Festival World Champions Scott Fray and Madelyn Greco of Livingbrush. Choreographed by the Atlanta Ballet Fellowship Ensemble, humans were the canvasses for the artists so their creations were living, breathing, and moving down the runway. After the three-dimensional show, an after party featuring a DJ made guests glow with excitement. The Fluoro Show was only part of the full weekend of body painting festivities that was put on by Living Art America.

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Photography by: Kimberly Evans


Photography by: