California Dreaming

By Kate Abney | March 31, 2016 | Articles National

Low-country locals and tourists have long known about chic little boutique Villa Savannah, which owners Dean Caldarelli (an architect who got his start on hip Orange County, Calif., hotels) and Dimitri Chami (a realtor) fill with uncommon wares to furnish the historic properties they flip. In fact, when the partners first visited Savannah a decade ago, they became so besotted that they bought three houses that very weekend. Their reaction to Atlanta’s allure was not much different and led to the recent opening of a second Villa Savannah locale in the back of Westside Ironworks (stop in before dining at O-Ku Atlanta).

Step inside and you’ll see how this swanky store stands out from the rest: Think shining metallic surfaces, hues of rich teal and spicy persimmon, and a glamour quotient not found elsewhere in town. Suddenly, it makes sense that Caldarelli currently splits his schedule between ATL and L.A. He loves sourcing luxe yet affordable brands from West Coast markets, curating the likes of Worlds Away upholstery, Regina Andrew lighting and Harp & Finial case pieces for an industrial space that will inspire their immediate relocation to your condo. And while you’re in here going gaga, shop sexy frocks from hard-to-come-by California designers to the tune of your favorite dance tracks. “This is a lifestyle store; we love every aspect of design, style, sight, sound, scent… even taste,” Caldarelli explains. “Our customer is the one who walks in and says, ‘I want to look like this. I want to dress like this. And I want my living room to look like this,’” he adds. Now, that’s living well.


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