Brittni Mariah on Her Sustainable Pop-Up, The Cleaners

Briar Davis | June 28, 2019 | Style & Beauty

Brittni Mariah is reshaping the face of fashion one recycled garment at a time.


From top: Brittni Mariah says she designed The Cleaners to feel like a literal cleaners location: “I wanted you to feel like that’s what you were walking into as soon as you stepped in.”; sleek and modern design elements decorate the space.

Three years ago, former fashion marketing student Brittni Mariah sat in her sourcing class at SCAD Atlanta, where she watched The True Cost, a documentary highlighting the negative effects of fast-fashion. The film would serve as partial fuel and inspiration for her to create a sustainable pop-up installment in 2018 called The Cleaners. “The initial idea for The Cleaners came from simply wanting to clean my closet out and earn some extra cash to evolving into a complete business mindset,” says the 27 year old, whose moody Instagram account has garnered the likes of Louis Vuitton’s Virgil Abloh, among others.

Mariah, the beauty behind the pop-up, shows off her own versatile style.

Fast-forward to today, and the ATL transplant is gearing up for her second installment: Think a female-driven flea market with a live DJ, fashion-inspired fare, original artwork on display and killer labels up for grabs. “Social media has made it so easy these days to feel connected with others, even if you’ve never met them. I wanted The Cleaners to be that physical space that we could all connect in an organic open way, whether through our clothing or other creations,” says Mariah. “The most rewarding part has been hearing how much some girls look forward to what I am doing and make any effort to come and check it out.” What’s next on Mariah’s laundry list? Aside from “everything,” she plans to go mobile to reach “more women, more clothes, more art, more creations and more connections,” she says. We’ll shop to that. @brittnimariah;

A funky neon sign welcomes guests


Photography by: Photos courtesy of: brittni mariah photo By Donté Maurice | The Cleaners Photos by Nate Shuls