Blue Jean Baby

By Lauren Finney | March 26, 2018 | Articles National

The denim struggle is real. Just ask Kathryn Boyd Brolin, Atlanta native (The Lovett School and The University of Georgia, to be precise), who has embarked on a tall order to help the long-legged like her find denim that actually fits through her Midheaven Denim line, launched in late 2017. The 5-foot-11-inch beauty laments: “Before I created Midheaven Denim, I could count on one hand how many times I’d found a pair of jeans that were truly long enough for me... longer inseams were proving to be a rarity. I created a product I needed, plain and simple. When you’re tall, finding a pair of jeans with a really long inseam is about the most exciting moment you can think of, and a rare one at that. You feel comfortable, confident, protected.”

So what does a good Southern woman do when she can’t find what she needs? She creates it herself. She’s now Los Angeles-based, married (last name sound familiar? Yep, her husband is actor Josh Brolin) and on the precipice of her own denim revolution. It all starts from the creative process: “When I try on a new Midheaven sample, I like to envision where the garment will be worn, how, what might happen while I’ve got them on. It helps to inform the length, the fit, the wash, the fabric and, above all, the way I’d care to market it to our customer. It’s always felt like art to me,” says the photography fiend, who is inspired by everyone from Spike Jonze to David Alan Harvey. “Imagery and tone drive a lot of what I design and how I design it.”

Her pairs are crafted from Italian fabric made “in the world’s greenest denim mill,” where they use cotton sourced from Better Cotton Initiative; promote environmentally conscious production tactics; and recycle waste products from spinning, warping and dyeing. All three are vital parts of a sustainable biz, which Brolin says is important to her brand ethos: “We package and ship our goods in 100 percent sustainable packing materials, and each step in delivering our product to the world is taken with the Earth’s health in mind.” Pretty and eco-conscious—we like. $198-$280, @midheavendenim


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