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Best Bodies 2016

Produced and written by Allison Mitchell | May 16, 2016 | Articles

Professional ballet dancer, Atlanta Ballet
Age: 24
Originally from: Raleigh, N.C.
Lives in: Midtown
Education: University of North Carolina School of the Arts and Pacific Northwest Ballet School
Relationship status: Single
Favorite gym/trainer: Stone Summit Climbing & Fitness Center
Favorite exercise: My favorite exercises in ballet technique classes are adagio, fouettés, pique turns and pirouettes. I like headstands in yoga and traversing bouldering problems as well.
Favorite body part: My legs
Diet/exercise routine: I eat a vegetarian diet. I take ballet class every day and have six hours of rehearsals after that. I like to stretch at the end of the day and roll out my muscles to prevent them from tightening up.
Favorite spots for healthy eating: Arden’s Garden, Go Vinda’s and Whole Foods’ hot bar
Favorite pampering spots: Flöt Spa, Jeju Sauna and Too Groovy Salon
Top hobbies: Knitting, reading poetry, journaling and rock climbing
Fun facts: I was listed in Dance Magazine’s “25 to Watch” list. I’ve also competed in American Athletic Union and USA Jump Rope competitions and was a jump-roping stunt double for a lead character in the Disney Channel Original Movie Jump In! when I was 13. I’m also a lead certified rock climber.
Words of wisdom: Keep your body in motion. Do something that brings you joy and don’t be afraid of what you look like doing it. Once you find what you like to do, make it a fun part of your routine rather than a harsh regimen.

ACE-certified personal trainer, Madeleine Conti Personal Training
Age: 25
Originally from: Peachtree City, Ga.
Lives in: West Midtown
Education: Georgia State University and American Council on Exercise
Relationship status: Single
Favorite gyms/trainers: CorePower Yoga, Flywheel Sports, Forever Fit and Venture CrossFit
Favorite exercise: Snatch weightlifting
Favorite body part: Back and glutes
Diet/exercise routine: My weekly exercise routine consists of two days of CrossFit and Olympic lifting, three days of spin and yoga, and four days of bodybuilding. I follow the paleo diet but also enjoy the occasional doughnut as well.
Favorite spots for healthy eating: Atlanta Fish Market, Fresh to Order, O-Ku Atlanta, Tomo, True Food Kitchen and Umi
Favorite pampering spots: AYA Medical Spa, Jade Jamrozy Hair, John Connors, MD Plastic Surgery, RAW Bronzing Studio, Sugarcoat and Unique Threading & Body Wax
Top hobbies: Playing the piano and drums and going to music festivals
Fun facts: Besides being on the U12 swim team when I was a kid, I was never an athlete before becoming a trainer—I was a musician! Having a wrist injury from drumming throughout college shifted my focus to my health, which is ultimately how I found my passion for exercise and nutrition. Since earning my personal training certification, I have competed in seven bodybuilding competitions and am now preparing for my first triathlon.
Words of wisdom: Fixate on a goal and get your friends to tackle it with you!

General manager, Cape Dutch
Age: 32
Originally from: Uniondale, N.Y.
Lives in: Buckhead
Education: American InterContinental University
Relationship status: Single
Favorite gym/trainer: Life Time Athletic
Favorite exercise: Lat pulldowns
Favorite body part: My back
Diet/exercise routine: I train four to five days per week and refuel with protein. Fish and chicken are my go-tos.
Favorite spots for healthy eating: Cape Dutch, Kale Me Crazy, Veda Juice and Whole Foods Market
Favorite pampering spots: LaVida Massage and Treat Your Feet
Favorite fitness retailers: Nike and Under Armour
Top hobbies: Playing golf, traveling and watching movies
Fun facts: I previously worked as the assistant general manager at Twist and as the general manager of Aja Restaurant & Bar. Eventually I would love to integrate my passions for fitness and food into one concept.
Words of wisdom: My best advice for those looking to get in shape is to focus on your diet and set realistic goals for yourself. I hold myself to high standards in terms of my health and physical appearance because of how I want to look and feel. My general rule of thumb regarding living a healthy lifestyle is that it’s 80 percent diet and 20 percent physical activity.

Certified personal trainer, Lacey Live Fit; and senior account executive, AT&T
Age: 27
Originally from: Jesup, Ga.
Lives in: Buckhead
Education: Georgia Southern University
Relationship status: In a relationship
Favorite gym/trainer: LA Fitness
Favorite exercise: Squats because they always challenge me
Favorite body part: My legs because I’ve worked the hardest on them
Diet/exercise routine: I work out five to six times per week. I incorporate a balance of weightlifting, cardio and ab training. My diet is high in protein, complex carbs and vegetables. I have a major sweet tooth, so I indulge in moderation.
Favorite spots for healthy eating: My kitchen! The only way to know exactly what you’re eating is to cook it yourself.
Favorite pampering spots: Eminence Nail and Spa, and Plan B Hair Studio
Top hobbies: I enjoy attending Passion City Church, and I love to spend time with my family.
Fun facts: Helping other women reach their fitness goals is my passion. I started out training three women online through my Instagram account @laceylivefit, and now I have grown my client base to hundreds of women all over the United States and around the world. I truly have the best job in the world, and I’m thankful that I get to do what I love each and every day.
Words of wisdom: My best advice is to take the first step. You don’t have to know everything in the world about eating healthy or working out. All you need is the desire to make the change within yourself. Get a knowledgeable coach and get going. The first step is the hardest!

Bartender, Bistro Niko and Havana Club; model, Atlanta Models & Talent
Age: 25
Originally from: Marietta
Lives in: Buckhead
Education: Santa Fe College
Relationship status: In a relationship
Favorite gym/trainer: LA Fitness
Favorite exercise: Deadlifts
Favorite body part: My abs. Core workouts are essential to all of my days in the gym.
Diet/exercise routine: My exercise routine consists of weightlifting, cardio and swimming. I work out Monday through Saturday, focusing on a different muscle group each day. My diet consists of high protein, complex carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables and a lot of water. Setting and accomplishing goals in and out of the gym keeps me consistent in everything I do.
Favorite spots for healthy eating: True Food Kitchen and Whole Foods Market
Favorite pampering spot: Roosters Men’s Grooming
Favorite fitness retailer: Nike from head to toe
Top hobbies: I love eating out, longboarding, being active and socializing.
Fun facts: I plan on competing in my first physique competition this summer.
Words of wisdom: Getting and staying in shape is a lifestyle. Being active, eating clean and getting quality rest is key. It’s all about consistency!

Custom clothier, Tom James Company
Age: 27
Originally from: Greensboro, N.C.
Lives in: Buckhead
Education: Georgia State University
Relationship status: In a relationship
Favorite gym/trainer: I train with Ben and Cyn Ashton at BenCynMethod. They have a holistic-based training philosophy that first connects the mind to the body. They integrate a wide variety of methods and training systems including calisthenics, speed and agility, balance, resistance training and yoga into one system that is customized for each individual!
Favorite exercise: Weightlifting
Favorite body part: My shoulders and abs
Diet/exercise routine: I meal prep my food every week. I eat about five to six meals per day and have one to two cheat meals per week. I have the biggest sweet tooth, so I keep a candy drawer and eat at least one piece of chocolate per day. I also train in the gym six days per week.
Favorite spots for healthy eating: Juice Bar, True Food Kitchen and Zoës Kitchen
Favorite pampering spots: Natural Body Spa, Polished Nail Spa and Shine Hair Parlor
Top hobbies: Traveling, cooking, eating out at new restaurants and shopping
Fun facts: I just competed in my first NPC bikini show and placed first in my class! I also have a bikini addiction and own more than 70.
Words of wisdom: My best advice for others looking to get in shape is preparation and consistency. Meal prepping keeps me on track throughout the week and helps me avoid making bad decisions about food. It also saves me money! With consistency, you will see changes, and you will get stronger—it just takes time.

Model, Factor Chosen Atlanta/Chicago
Age: 24
Originally from: Nashville, Tenn.
Lives in: Midtown
Education: Auburn University
Relationship status: Single
Favorite gym/trainer: LA Fitness
Favorite exercise: StairMaster
Favorite body part: My back
Diet/exercise routine: I eat a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates. I work out six days per week with high-intensity workouts that include weightlifting, cardio and abs each day.
Favorite spots for healthy eating: Taziki’s, Whole Foods Market and Zoës Kitchen
Favorite fitness retailers: Gymshark, lululemon athletica and Nike
Top hobbies: Snow skiing, playing football and fishing
Fun facts: I played Division 1 football at Auburn University as a tight end
Words of wisdom: Set an attainable goal and go. Getting in shape doesn’t happen overnight, so take small strides at a time. For example, start by cutting all bread out of your diet. Something as small as that will yield huge results! Eating healthy and working out can’t be something you dread every day. Everyone is different, so there’s no blueprint that everyone can follow. You have to make it fun; switch it up; and make it work for you!

Registered nurse, Emory Healthcare; trainer, Sculpthouse; and cheerleader, Atlanta Falcons
Age: 24
Originally from: Orange Beach, Ala.
Lives in: Brookhaven
Education: The University of Alabama (undergraduate) and The University of South Alabama (master’s)
Relationship status: In a relationship
Favorite gyms/trainers: Cyc Fitness, Flywheel Sports, LA Fitness, SculptHouse and Windy Hill Athletic Club
Favorite exercise: Running; dancing; or SculptHouse’s Megaformer move, called Teaser
Diet/exercise routine: I try to incorporate some form of exercise into my daily routine, whether that’s running, weights or resistance training. I usually eat fruits or veggies every day, and will devour a Quest Bar if it’s put in front of me. I’m pretty consistent on what I eat, but I definitely have my cheat meals or days and enjoy them thoroughly.
Favorite spots for healthy eating: Souper Jenny and Whole Foods Market
Favorite pampering spots: Jamison Shaw Hairdressers, Nail Shadow and Natural Body Spa
Top hobbies: I’m a huge outdoorsy girl and hunt whenever I have a chance. I also love to explore new restaurants or shops in Atlanta.
Fun facts: I was on The University of Alabama’s dance team for three years and fell in love with the performing aspect of dance. It’s what inspired me to pursue becoming an NFL cheerleader. Being a nurse also encourages me to maintain a healthy lifestyle as an example for my patients. My ultimate goal upon graduating with my master’s degree is to go into sports rehabilitation or orthopedic medicine.
Words of wisdom: Enjoy your cheat and relaxation days. There is nothing better for your body than recovery. It will motivate you to pursue exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness instructor, Blast
Age: 24
Originally from: Detroit, Mich.
Lives in: West Midtown
Education: Georgia State University
Relationship status: Single
Favorite gym/trainer: I’m biased, of course, but I love BLAST—the music, the versatility in the workout routines and the intense energy. I’m not a big fan of cycling, but I do enjoy Flywheel Sports as well.
Favorite exercise: Anything that involves squats!
Favorite part of your body: My back. All those years of pullups are finally paying off.
Diet/exercise routine: I make sure to eat every two to three hours and keep my meals as organic as possible. As for my workout routine, I teach BLAST about three to four times per week and attack each major muscle group in the gym about two times per week.
Favorite spots for healthy eating: Fresh to Order and Sprouts
Favorite pampering spot: I get my hair cut every week by my barber Hashir at Loft 109
Favorite fitness retailer: I used to work at Nike, so it only makes sense that everything I wear is Nike!
Top hobbies: Enjoying the company of my friends, going to the movies and shopping
Fun facts: I played basketball, football, lacrosse and ran track growing up. My freshman year at Georgia State, my flag football team won the intramural championship and got to travel to Statesboro to face other schools for the state finals.
Words of wisdom: My best advice is to make working out fun. Most people see working out as a job. You have to change that mindset and make it a lifestyle. The key to my lifestyle is being health-conscious. As an instructor, every client looks at you as an attainable goal for their physique. I want to be the role model that people look up to and say, ‘I want to be athletic or have a body just like him.’

Architect, interior designer and owner, Villa Savannah
Age: 47
Originally from: Syracuse, N.Y.
Lives in: Midtown
Education: University at Buffalo (undergraduate) and The Ohio State University (master’s)
Relationship status: Single
Favorite gym/trainer: My favorite gym is Jeanne’s Body Tech, and my favorite trainer is Mo Stringer. He’s also a professional ballet dancer and physique competitor!
Favorite exercise: Incline chest press
Favorite body part: My abs
Diet/exercise routine: I eat very clean—grilled chicken breast, egg whites, baked potatoes, grilled fish—and drink plenty of water throughout the day.
Favorite spot for healthy eating: O-Ku Atlanta is probably the best sushi I’ve ever had and is extremely healthy.
Favorite pampering spot: I love Toni&Guy
Favorite fitness retailer: Puma
Top hobbies: Traveling. I live in Los Angeles part time, so I’m always back and forth. I also love Europe. Barcelona and Rome are my favorite spots for design inspiration.
Fun facts: Last year, I ran the Bridge Run in Savannah. I don’t run, so I was a little concerned but ended up running a 10K. I really surprised myself that day!
Words of wisdom: Make going to the gym part of your daily routine. Force yourself to go every day for one month, and it will become part of you. When you miss a day, you’ll hate it! Your health is the one thing you can control in your life, and when you feel good, you enjoy life that much more.

Wardrobe provided by SculptHouse
Hair by Rebecca Crispin and Conor Sea at Steve Hightower Hair Salon & Day Spa
Makeup by Nyssa Green at The Green Room Agency using M·A·C Cosmetics
Spray tan services provided by RAW Bronzing Studio
Photography assistant: Manuela Guerra at R.A.G.artistry
Shot on location at Ambient + Studio


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