Barre vs. Boxing: Which is For You?

By Jordan Hill | July 15, 2020 | Lifestyle

Two of our favorite workouts go head-to-head in a barre versus boxing showdown. Which one will help you get the body of your dreams? It’s shaping up to be a close one.

The Place

Pink Barre (@pinkbarrestudios) is Atlanta’s go-to for barre beginners. The locally owned fitness boutique has a knowledgeable network of instructors who are ready to help you change your approach to health and fitness. Plus, you can’t beat the pops of pink that flow throughout the chic, all-white studio space.

Located in The Battery, Pepper Boxing (@pepper_boxing_atl) reimagines a typical boxer’s training, bringing athletes a one-of-a-kind full-body workout. The studio uses a unique circle-style training room (the first and only of its kind in the world) to give everyone an unobstructed view of the class’s trained instructor.

The Workout

Guided by an instructor, each class combines elements of yoga, Pilates, ballet and isometric training to sculpt your entire body. Classgoers take their spot on the barre and spend time focusing on each muscle group. Pink Barre also offers several targeted classes, ranging from Barre Rebound, a cardio-based workout, to Pink Barre Express, a shorter 45-minute class for those extra-busy days.

The 50-minute class incorporates high-intensity shadowboxing rounds, heavy-bag work and weighted bar exercises, so you can get all of the benefits of boxing without actually taking a hit. High-energy music and dim lighting set the mood for the class, but, fair warning, this is not for people afraid to break a sweat.

The Fit

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The Trainer

“It doesn’t matter if I’m tired, stressed, exhausted or have boundless energy, teaching my Pink Barre class is always a highlight of my day,” says Pink Barre owner and lead trainer Kamila Archambeau. “Our studio is such a unique space where I get to create a challenging workout that excites me every day, and it’s met with enthusiasm, meaningful conversation, laughs and shaky legs,” she adds.


“From my ‘peach plumpin’ to ‘crisscross apple saucing’ moves and a playlist that can’t be beat, you can expect a fun, fast-paced and high-energy class like no other,” says trainer Meghan Bailey, who is currently training for Brawl for a Cause, which benefits nonprofit organization Hands United. “My workouts don’t get easier, you just get better.”


The Benefits

The barre method promises to change your body in as few as 10 classes, sculpting each muscle through tiny movements that yield big results. The entire workout is alignment-based, creating long and lean muscles while improving balance, flexibility and mental stamina.

Pepper’s high-energy workout will keep you on your toes, but it isn’t just about the cardio in this workout. The biggest difference-maker is the heavy bag. Weighing approximately 190 pounds, the bag is designed to elevate your heart rate while simultaneously toning your muscles.

Photography by: product photos courtesy of brands; archambeau photo by Aaron Moon/Pics by the Moon; bailey photo by Viva Lux Photography