Barbara Zavota of SantéMD Wellness Center Talks Skincare at Every Age

Jordan Hill | August 20, 2019 | Style & Beauty Feature

It’s no question, skin is in. Every day, there is more information on the latest routines and procedures guaranteed to shrink your pores and minimize your fine lines. Here, Barbara Zavota, director of aesthetics at SantéMD Wellness Center, helps break through the buzz to give us the low-down on what you should be doing and when you should be doing it.


Make It a Regular
“Your 20s are all about establishing a routine and protection,” says Zavota. She suggests a simple routine with quality products. “The most important product of them all, and also the foundation to any good skincare routine, is SPF 50 sunscreen.” SPF 50+ tinted antioxidant matte sunscreen, $46; SPF 50+ antioxidant spray, $45.

Prevention, Prevention, Prevention
“This is the time to get proactive so you don’t need to be reactive later in life.” Zavota explains. For an extra glow, try monthly to quarterly HydraFacials ($150), and schedule a custom Vi chemical peel ($325) every other year.

Plump It Up
Zavota says Sante MD’s Vital C serum ($120), firming and brightening eye cream ($105), and Bio-Restorative night cream ($99) are a must. “Your skin is at its peak in your late 20s with strong collagen production and lots of elastin, making it plump and firm.” Although optional, Zavota says a .25-oz. RetinolForte can help promote even more collagen growth and cell turnover.

“In the first half of your 30s, your collagen production starts to slow down, and you may notice facial lines becoming more prominent,” Zavota explains. “This is the time to add more anti-aging services and formulations to the mix.” Zavota suggests retinol to maintain a strong skin foundation and stimulate collagen growth. RetinolForte, .25 oz. for $99

Consistency Is Key
“In addition to continuing the good habits and routines we have already set in place together, make sure you are getting an ample amount of water to keep skin hydrated, and rest so the skin can repair itself from the damages of the day,” says Zavota. She also suggests continuing monthly HydraFacials and adding IPL treatments for any sun damage, brown spots or redness. Forever Young broadband light/IPL, $300


Photography by: santémd