What's The 411 on Atlanta's Dating Scene? We're Here to Clue You In.

By The Editors | October 29, 2020 | Lifestyle

What’s it really like to date in Atlanta? JEZEBEL (@JEZEBELMAGAZINE) took to Instagram stories to investigate. Here is what our followers had to say.


1-3 months is the average life span of a dating app relationship, according to voters.

140 responders would rather date someone younger than someone older.

92% of voters agree that communication is more important than compassion for a healthy relationship.

27% of single respondents say they are actively looking for something serious.

14 responders say they always kiss on the first date.

17% of voters admit to having over four dating apps on their phone.

122 voters prefer to date extroverts.

one to three is the average number of dating apps found on responders’ phones.

51% of voters prefer Buckhead over the BeltLine for a first date.

54% of responders prefer Bumble to Hinge.

two to three months is the average time most respondents say you should take to DTR.

63% of responders who were in a relationship admit to meeting their S.O. through a dating app.

54% of voters would rather date someone who is successful than someone who is funny.

Photography by: by Manav Sharma/Pexels