ATL, Meet Sophie Loghman

By Madison Lupo | July 27, 2018 | Articles

It’s safe to say that vivid color was destined to become Instagram icon Sophie Loghman’s signature—even her childhood bedroom was decked out in bright tassels, mix-and-match bedding, tons of art and zesty yellow walls. “I’ve always been a fan of color, so my aesthetic was kind of ingrained in me,” says the 28-year-old. After graduating from the University of Georgia, the brunette babe hit the West Coast for grad school at University of Southern California, where the Cali-cool vibes of her feed really began to thrive. Now, whether she’s rocking her flirty, flower-power sunnies or pretty-in-pink Asos booties, this free-spirited fashionista never fails to serve up the sassiest looks for an endless-summer state of mind. On top of dishing out a daily dose of Barbie-approved neon hues to her 178K followers, Loghman doubles as a #girlboss with her own locally based lifestyle social media agency, SunnyPeaches, which has collaborated with major brands ranging from Revlon to Target. Finding inspiration from the artsy streets of Atlanta, she can often be spotted posing in front of one of the city’s vibrant murals (the psychedelic scene at Disco Kroger near Lenox Square is one of her top picks for a photo op) or searching for the next splashy home to brand with her self-created hashtag, #happyhousedreams. The happy-go-lucky Loghman hopes to excite and energize others with her content: She says, “If my feed inspires you to take a vacation or wear something fun and bold, then I’ve succeeded.” @sophlog


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