After Working with Staples Like Ann Mashburn, Artist Laura Deems Opens a Studio in Buckhead

By Caroline Perrott | June 19, 2019 | People

A darling to art critics and collectors around the South, abstract artist Laura Deems is making her debut in Atlanta with no intentions of slowing down.

Deems in her studio

If you haven’t already heard the name Laura Deems, you are behind. The 25-year-old abstract artist has dazzled Charleston and beyond with her joyously bold marks and driven point of view, proving to be the next generation of greatness. Her work, highly sought after by collectors and interior designers alike, creates an affinity between artwork and observer that is truly unmatched. With striking freedom and a bright color palette, her pieces place an emphasis on juxtaposition of our culture, world and more, and provide the perfect statement piece to place upon your Schumacher wallpaper. The opening of her new Buckhead studio will be a much anticipated addition to Atlanta’s art scene.

A collection of Deems’ paper releases

Originally from Taylorsville, Ga., Deems attended the University of Georgia, studying textiles and interning under Atlanta favorite Sally King Benedict and Georgia-based artist Lulie Wallace. It was during this time that Deems and her mentors realized painting was her path. “Sally was the one to encourage releasing a body of work to the public, so I released eight works, and they sold out in a matter of two days,” she says, “which forced me into realizing this is something that I really should focus on and commit time to.”

Collaborations with revered designer boutiques such as Hampden, located in Charleston, and Ann Mashburn, as well as with big names like Neiman Marcus, elevated her status as a young artist, and exhibitions at Meyer Vogl Gallery and the pop-up series Brandshop pushed her work to new places, such as New York City; Washington, D.C.; Richmond, Va.; Charlotte, N.C.; and Atlanta. Her pieces are resplendent in elegant colors and titled with approachable names like “Pollock Sorting Choreographed Feels” and “Young Dumb Trust Fund Kids.” The artist describes her work as “something that demands your attention, but in a very subtle way—with a softness, but also a dominate presence. It’s feminine with a backbone.”



From top: A look at Laura Deems’ studio; the body of work created for Deems’ collaboration with Brandshop; pieces from Deems’ online inventory.

For inspiration, Deems looks to people; experiences; conversations; and even cultural vehicles like podcasts, music and clothing. “I like zooming out and throwing back something at [my viewer] in a different form,” says Deems.

Now, the Atlanta resident starts the next step in her career. “Atlanta offers a lot of grit. Everyone has a go-getting nature—I just thrive on that. I’m ready for it,” says Deems. Another perk: The opportunity for one-on-one visits with her large Atlanta clientele, raising the curtain between artist and collector. “I’m really looking forward to being closer to [my clients]; so if I am working on a commission, people can come to the studio, have a glass of wine and talk about what they are wanting with me,” explains Deems. “This opens up a relationship and an experience for the collector and me. Plus, it’s way more fun that way.”

Up next for the artist? “I hope to expand my business here, maybe include textiles in some way and collaborate more with people who are already doing big things here,” she says. “I want to put my work places where you might not expect and just rock the boat a little bit.” @_lauradeems


Photography by: Photos courtesy of: laura deems photo by Maggie Armstrong | artworks photo by laura deems