The Fashion Collab You Must Get In On

By Patricia Tortolani | December 17, 2020 | Style & Beauty Style & Beauty

Anine Bing and Helena Christensen join forces to create a wardrobe for a woman who is stylish at every age. Period.


As a young editor working at a fashion glossy in New York City, I remember one of my toughest assignments being the “style at any age” column. The team and I would meet in the fashion closet, surrounded by racks of the newest designer clothing and accessories, and assign a seasonal wardrobe for women in their “20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond.” Our goal as editors was to present readers with an age-appropriate and stylish solution to getting old, a reality that seemed so… distant.

Well, I am pleased to say that for me the future is now, and the answer to how I want to dress in my 40s is crystal clear: exactly as I damn well please. I have come across kindred spirits (the moms in cutoff shorts at pickup) and haters (the moms giving side eye to the moms in cutoff shorts at pickup). I have built a wardrobe that reflects a personal style honed and tweaked over the years. And I have many style icons to thank for getting me to where I am today.

Two of those icons are Helena Christensen and Anine Bing. The Danish supermodel and Danish influencer/designer recently joined forces on a capsule collection for the holidays that defies ageist expectations (available online at There are bodysuits, jumpsuits, clutches and jeans that are as cool for my mom as they are for me, as they are for my 20-year-old intern. Sure, we might style the pieces differently or pull them out for different occasions—but that’s OK. Because we are all playing by our own rules.




The ANINE BING x Helena Christensen Collection is available at the Anine Bing Miami Design District Boutique and aninebing.‌com

Photography by: photos courtesy of anine bing