A Toast to the New Year with Cincoro Tequila

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As unforgettable as 2020 has been, the majority of us are looking forward to toasting the new year with optimism. Sadly, cancelled events, curfews and closed venues have us all perplexed on how to properly bring in 2021. Well don’t fret, as we’ve got you covered for a perfectly fabulous NYE-in. Here’s our guide to an incredible night of taste, style and cheer in the comfort of the great indoors (i.e. your home).

Light it up

Create ambience and bring out your most premium and luxe candles, from tea-sized to oversized, and light up the night.

Fine dining

Let a Chef treat you to something special. Order in a decadent and out-of-the-ordinary dinner. And be sure to properly plate and dine on your finest dinnerware.

Tune out

Create a playlist of all the music that will help you clear your headspace and let go of this past year to look ahead into a new one.

Dress the part

It’s a night to celebrate new beginnings so let’s make sure to look the part. And don’t forget to accessorize.

Fine spirits

Maybe the most important part of any New Year’s celebration is your spirit of choice. It should be exceptional, smooth, refined and flavorful. Our choice: Cincoro Tequila. With award-winning expressions, Cincoro can be enjoyed neat, on ice, or in a signature cocktail. And there is a Cincoro cocktail recipe for any kind of mood you’re in: Coast to Coast Cocktails.

Capture the moment

Make it memorable and take a photo—an instagrammable photo. Properly capture the stylish setting, festive attire, gorgeous smile and celebratory cocktail in hand, it’s a party after all.


Toast the night responsibly; written in partnership with your friends at Cincoro tequila.

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