ATL's Resident Fitness Influencer Mae Lutz Serves Up Some Major Motivation

Jordan Hill | December 24, 2019 | People


With her killer bod and infectious personality, it’s no wonder Mae Lutz (@maeelizabethg) won over the hearts of her 53.1K-plus Instagram followers. A quick scroll through her brightly colored, perfectly curated feed showcasing the trendiest, must-have workout gear and craveworthy recipes, and you’re instantly inspired to get active—which was Lutz’s exact goal. “My approach is to encourage people to start,” says the fitness guru. “Be proud of starting and be okay with taking it day by day,” which is exactly how she approaches her online fame. “I started posting every day, and it just went from there,” shares the influencer, who created her profile to share her love of cycling, a passion that formed during her time at SCAD Atlanta. “I love that I can be real with people online,” says Lutz, and that #realness is certainly appreciated in the world of fad diets and fitness trends, which never amount to that extreme promised result. “It can be incredibly overwhelming, and there is so much conflicting information online,” admits Lutz. So, what is the key to workout success? Lutz shares her expert advice: Find a form of movement you actually enjoy, she advises, adding: “I find when people try something they hate, they might make the choice to quit any form of fitness altogether rather than exploring other options.” As for nutrition? “Keep it simple and always remember, you’ve got this!” Now let’s go conquer those New Year’s resolutions.


Photography by: Courtesy of Mae Lutz