7 Q's with Pitch Perfect's Chrissie Fit

By Kelsie Allen Barton | January 22, 2018 | Articles

What do you love most about playing Flo?
“Her honesty, sarcasm and dry sense of humor. It’s always so fun to play against your type because I’m really bubbly and wanting to always have fun, and Flo can be a Debbie Downer.”

How has she evolved since the second movie?
“I think you can expect a little more involved Flo. She’ll still come at you with some of those one-liners—but in kind of a different way. And in this one, I have a couple of solos. That’s going to be really fun for people to see Flo breaking it down.”

From your Instagram, it looks like the Bellas are just as close in real life. Were you sad to see Pitch Perfect come to an end?
“I don’t think we ever thought it would be the last one in our minds and in our hearts because we all love each other so much; we would do this forever. Bringing 10 women together in one movie and having them be the stars of it—it’s just so rare. We’re very fortunate to be a part of that.”

Was it a laugh a minute when you were on set?
“Whenever the director would give us the green light to improvise, it was just a free-for-all. We had to try to hold it together… especially if Rebel [Wilson] was going off.”

Any funny memories from your time in Atlanta?
“We were all just hanging out—for the most part, all of us stayed in the same apartment building; it was kind of like we were back in college in a dorm—and Brittany Snow texted the group, ‘Hey, what is everybody doing tonight?’ And Ester [Dean] wrote back, ‘I’m going to Usher’s skate party. Wanna come?’ … So we went to Cascade and went roller-skating with Usher on a random Sunday night—because that’s what you can do in Atlanta.”

Favorite pasttime when you aren’t working?
“Writing and doing research. I’m in the process of trying to develop some TV shows, especially ones that have women or Latinas in the center of them. I think that’s really important and maybe the most effective way to see change.”

What else are you involved in right now?
“In the third season of [Disney Channel’s] Elena of Avalor; I’m going to play [the voice of] Princess Valentina, who is a new Latina Disney princess. That’s a dream realized for me!”


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