5 Destinations for Millennials in 2018

By Betty Ann Graham | January 16, 2018 | Articles

1. Iceland
“Iceland has become a major bucket list destination within the past few years for those who want outdoor adventure and sweeping views of amazing landscapes. It’s easy to get to, and flights are cost effective. … Depending on time of year and hours of daylight, you can easily visit Iceland over a long weekend, making it manageable with busy work schedules.”

2. Belize
“Unfortunately, due to the horrible hurricane season we had in 2017, travelers have ruled out much of the Caribbean—although I’d encourage clients to keep visiting the Caribbean because tourism will help the islands recover, and many were not affected at all. I think Central America will be a really popular destination, and the water is equally as gorgeous. I was just in Belize, and it was absolute paradise. Plus, the world’s second largest barrier reef is just off the coast of Belize, so the snorkeling and scuba diving are amazing.”

3. Bermuda
“While Zika is not much of a buzzword as it was a few years ago, many millennials are getting married and starting families. For those wanting to get pregnant or travel on a babymoon, Bermuda is a perfect spot. It’s romantic, close to the U.S., has a fun culinary scene, beautiful blue water and is Zika-free.”

4. Sri Lanka
“Sri Lanka is still a bit off the radar, but it shouldn’t be! Millennials want value when they are splurging on a big vacation, and for those who can’t afford the Maldives, it’s an amazing alternative for gorgeous beaches. Plus, Sri Lanka offers so much more, including elephant experiences, surfing, whale watching and vibrant green-tea fields.”

5. Italy
“People go back to Italy time and time again because there’s just so much to see. … What will be newly popular is getting off the beaten track if millennials have already been to Rome, Florence, Positano, etc. One great example would be visiting the autonomous region of Sardinia, which is known for being a destination for wellness, relaxation, beaches, old Roman towns and, of course, wine.”

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