5 Cold Snaps for a Hot Georgia Summer

By Chris Watkins | June 27, 2017 | Articles

1. The sweets purveyors at Ponce City Market custom ice cream outpost Honeysuckle Gelato bring flavor-filled whimsy with the Club Sandwich, a build-your-own ice cream tower combining Honeysuckle’s signature cookies, a mélange of curated gelato flavors and toppings that can get as wild as your imagination. @honeysucklegelato

2. Atlanta’s go-to destination for doughnut bliss is also the spot for some serious ice cream-sandwich action. Lovingly called Burgers, Sublime Doughnuts’ create-your-own incarnations combine homemade ice cream with indulgent doughnut buns and fresh toppings for a handful of happiness. @sublimedoughnuts

3. Why wait for a Sundae when you can have an Everydae at Westside ice cream parlor Vintage Frozen Custard. Vintage’s Everydaes take the topping-layered treat one step further by piling creamy cold custard on top of made-to-order sugary-sweet Liège waffles with fresh fruit, sauce and sugar dust. @tastevintage

4. With an avalanche of selections, Duluth’s Snowflake Tea House is quite the mindbending foray. Think ice cream-filled crepes, Jenga-inspired dessert towers and heaping bowls of milk snow ice. But the coup de grâce is a toasted bread bowl dipped in honey and filled with copious scoops of ice cream and toppings, including macarons, marshmallows, Pocky sticks and fresh fruit. Yum overload!

5. Buckhead’s Cheesecaked offers a lot more than decadent pies. Take the outrageous rainbow-blasted Unicorn Milkshake: This Instagram-ready gem comes in any ice cream flavor, topped with sprinkles, whipped cream, rainbow candy, marshmallows, suckers, cotton candy and, of course, a sliver of cheesecake, all held together by the magical spirit of a sugar unicorn. @cheesecaked


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