4 Superfood Trends to Try Now

By Kelsie Allen Barton | January 2, 2018 | Articles

1. Chaga Mushrooms
What they do: Believed to boost the immune system and antioxidant levels, this high-fiber mushie variety is the latest craze to make it into chocolates, coffees, broths and more.
Where to get them: Magic Mushroom superfood latte, Upbeet, @upbeet

2. Matcha
What it does: A mood-enhancing antioxidant powerhouse, this powder’s now trending as a caffeine additive to help boost metabolism and burn more cals—as well as aid with concentration for those hard-to-get-through Mondays.
Where to get it: Matcha tea latte, Inman Perk, @inmanperkatl

3. Turmeric
What it does: This popular detoxifying, anti-inflammatory spice (which gives curry and mustard its yellow-orange hue) is rumored to prevent the development of cancer.
Where to get it: Carrot turmeric tonic, True Food Kitchen, @true_food_kitchen

4. Activated Charcoal
What it does: Charcoal has the ability to stick to toxins, so when added to food, it cleanses your system and flushes any unwanted matter out of the body.
Where to get it: Black Magic organic juice, dtox, @dtoxjuice


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