4 Q's with ATL Model Emma Maris

By Beca Grimm | June 14, 2018 | Articles

Growing up in Atlanta, how have you seen the city change?
It’s kind of a bummer as far as what feels like a lot of gentrification, but otherwise, I love how Atlanta’s become a great space for queer communities; a wonderful, thriving scene for food; and the booze industry here is awesome. There’s still a reason why I’ve never left, you know?

How do you strike a good balance hustling multiple gigs?
I definitely am a procrastinator, and I get really overwhelmed very easily, so I’ve been backing away from modeling as much—just being a little bit more selective in what I do because I’m inspired by a lot of people.

How is making art and modeling similar?
I think it’s about finding something in it that is important to one’s self. When you’re the model for a photographer, there’s something that’s very self-fulfilling because it’s a give-and-take of creative space and time and collaboration. Drawing or creating a piece of art is the same way.

Favorite place to recharge in the city?
I really love to be at home if I’m off during the daytime and get chores done... hang out with the dog, Trina, and just kind of zone out. She’s an English mastiff mix, so she and I weigh the same amount. She’s perfect for spooning. She’s the laziest dog you’ll ever meet. It’s legendary how little she does. @emmajanemaris


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